An unforgettable red carpet journey through the most meaningful and beautiful destinations in Europe - on your own schedule

An Amazing Experience

Walk down the cobblestone streets where chassidic masters and Torah giants lived in old Europe. Visit famous villages hidden in rolling mountains and see the old glory of Poland, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania and Czechoslovakia. Explore renowned shuls, experience the commotion in the town square, drink in the breathtaking European countryside, and go in a fascinating, stunning trip back in time.

Lalechet designs your dream trip  - we set up a custom and personalized trip to visit the all the destinations the you want to explore. A fast paced whirlwind trip or exploring every city in depth - your trip is meticulously planned and designed at your custom pace.

Gold Standard Transport

When you’re experiencing the Rebbe R' Elimelech’s kever in Lizhensk, or traveling through Europe’s enchanting brooks, streams, castles, mountains and meadows, enjoy personal, comfortable transportation.  Consummate chauffeurs, luggage assistance throughout the journey, and spacious, smooth-riding vehicles. Sit back and enjoy the fairytale views as Lalechet takes you through Europe’s most beautiful roads and sights.

Connoisseur-Class Meals

Wake up to a luxurious breakfast spread made to order for you before a day full of incredible adventure. Come back to a gourmet multi-course meal. Lalechet has private kitchens with strict supervision from the Badatz of Antwerp, where world class chefs cook fresh, delicious meals for you every day. As you travel the most remote parts of Europe, you’ll be served fresh, lavish meals every day.

Five Star Accommodations

Relax every night in magnificent five star hotels and charming lodgings, providing you with every comfort and amenity. Every accommodation is carefully selected and world renowned for its features. In the heartbeat of the city, overlooking a picturesque forest or river, or a spectacular spot in the ancient Jewish Quarter, just a short walk from all the kevorim and mekomos hakedoshim.

Explore Your Roots

Retrace your family’s steps back to the thriving shtetls where they lived. The bustling town squares and historical shuls. Get to know your family’s stories firsthand, visit their homes - and daven at their final resting places. Lalechet provides you with a memorable and special trip to visit your grandparents’ and families’ kevarim in Europe.

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Meals produced in our private kitchen are under the certification of: