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Fly to mekomos hakedoshim with no worries. Lalechet finds and coordinates the best airfare deals and ensures every part of your travel runs smoothly. Have an extraordinarily easy, hassle-free journey!

Lalechet provides beautiful, spacious hotels where you will refresh and recharge. All along the journey, through multiple cities and towns, you’ll enjoy comfortable accommodations close to the kevorim.

Comfortable buses, cars and vans as you travel through Eastern Europe. We provide perfectly coordinated transportation, run like clockwork so you can arrive to each town and kever with energy and spirit.


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Lalechet has private kitchens where outstanding chefs cook fresh, delicious and heimish meals with a Badatz hechsher from the Antverpen Beis Din every day. We serve gourmet cuisine every day, in every city and town along your trip.

Our fascinating tour guides will transport you to the past. Explore the magnificent shuls in Krakow. Witness the silent stories of the Warsaw Ghetto. You’ll be mesmerized and immersed in the depths of Jewish history and life in Europe.

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Your dream trip, full of incredible experiences and glorious discoveries, with VIP service and five star accommodations and features.  Lalechet creates custom and VIP tours that will astound you, exalt you and move you.


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Lalechet isn’t just about tours. It’s about passion, it’s about exhilarating moments, it’s about opening a window to the power of the great Rebbes of the past, and a wellspring of yeshous and brachos.


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Meals produced in our private kitchen are under the certification of: