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Flying Arrangements

Flying internationally with a group can be complex and involves lots of logistical planning. But with Lalechet, your flight is smooth and simple. Lalechet arranges the best group fares for your trip, and coordinates all the logistics for your flight itinerary. Receive your preferred group seating arrangements and fly calmly and hassle-free.

Commuting in Comfort

Traveling to bustling cities and remote villages in Europe is a breeze with Lalechet. Lalechet provides courteous drivers and buses so your trip runs like clockwork. Take in Europe’s enchanting panoramas as you travel through gorgeous scenery to mekomos hakedoshim all throughout Eastern Europe. Reach obscure spots and secluded sites hidden in beautiful villages and outlying areas easily. On every part of your journey, rely on trustworthy and comfortable transport.

Mouthwatering Meals

Lalechet serves you delicious, heimish food with the highest standards of kashrus, under the supervision of the Badatz of Antwerp. Lalechet provides full catering for all your events and gatherings with custom menus. Enjoy fresh, hot and outstanding cuisine on every part of your journey. You’ll be served delectable meals every day, cooked by outstanding chefs in our private kitchens throughout Europe.

Well Planned:

Run Like Clockwork

Lalechet discusses all of your trip needs with you, and then we flawlessly coordinate every single detail. We rent halls and conference rooms for your uplifting gatherings in Europe as needed, and arrange cleanup crews, sound systems and seating.  We supply you with all the needs of your group, and make sure every moment of your trip runs perfectly. Lalechet meticulously and thoroughly arranges every big and small part of your trip.

Perfect Lodgings

We set your group up in the most group-friendly hotels, with comfortable, pleasant accommodations. Convenient walking distance to the spots you want to see, with every amenity you need. Be surrounded in a great atmosphere with marvelous ambiance for an uplifting, unforgettable trip.

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Meals produced in our private kitchen are under the certification of: