Your dream family trip back to your heritage in Europe’s breathtaking scenery - a five-star, family designed journey.

The Ultimate Family Trip

Take your family on an amazing journey to Europe. See your glorious heritage right before your eyes. Experience the exhilaration of visiting famous shuls, daven at the kevorim of our greatest leaders, and visit the homes and resting places of your beloved family in Europe. Travel through spectacular vistas and jaw-dropping views in the legendary mountains, riverbanks and countrysides of Eastern Europe.

Get ready for an exciting trip full of meaning and beauty, where you’ll be regaled with the highest standards of service and deluxe accommodations. At your own pace, on the custom schedule that works best for your family, your own amazing trip to your dream destinations.


Family-Friendly Transportation

Lalechet tours start with family-perfect flights. We arrange all the bookings and coordinate flawless seating plans so that your family sits together in your preferred seats. You’ll experience first class transportation throughout your journey. Comfortable, spacious cars and vans as you tour Europe’s charming cities. Smooth, suitable transportation through wonderful narrow cobblestone streets, as you travel through mountains and unpaved roads leading to incredible sights and villages.

Family-Geared Lodgings

Throughout your journey, you’ll be treated to choice hotels in each destination that reflect the special ambiance of the location. Recharge in elegant, spacious suites overlooking gorgeous landscapes, in the throbbing center of the Jewish Quarter, or nestled in serene nature. You’ll be taken care of with award winning service, fabulous amenities and features, in a comfortable, relaxed setting.

Gourmet Cuisine

Meals are always a lavish spread with Lalechet. Indulge in delicious breakfast,  beautiful family dinners, and gourmet courses. Lalechet has a private kitchen with the strictest standards of Kashrus, under the supervision of the Badatz of Antwerp. Even in the far flung corners of Eastern Europe, enjoy fresh, five star meals and snacks as you tour the most stunning and captivating spots tucked away in Europe.

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Meals produced in our private kitchen are under the certification of: